An Apology

More than 50% of all sexual assaults on college campuses happen during the first six weeks of the semester. I believe that. I know you did too. And in between are-you-sures and I-don’t-trust-yous, we stood in solidarity, promising to believe each other.  There was a lot of anger in us. I remember us avoiding Mason …

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What’s your hobby?

When I was in second grade, my school had a story writing contest on fire safety. I remember writing my story on Hangul manuscript papers, making sure that I was following the spacing guidelines accurately. Couple days later, my teacher came up to me and asked if I had written the story all by myself. …

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Licensed to drive, but still learning patience.

"In New York, I didn't think much of driving. Who cares? The driver's license had now just become a convenient tool for me to bring when I need to prove that I'm of age. Besides, driving in New York seemed terrible. Narrow streets and overcharged parking fee? No thank you. I even considered not getting a car in LA; some people seemed to be okay with that. But after a week in LA, I went to a car dealership, financed a car with trillion safety options, paid extra money that I didn't need to (so I found out later, anyway), and left the dealership nervous as hell. I've always had a fear of driving, especially next to big trucks and buses. This was not going to go well. "

Food can be more than “just” food.

Enjoyed my post? Show your appreciation by supporting me towards my Masters Degree! http://bit.ly/2pxOWMp Just about everything in life, preference for flavors are determined biopsychosocial factors, such as innate preference (babies are born with a sweet palette but rejects bitter taste), environmental influences, and learning. In Public Health and Psychology, there is a theory called Social …

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